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Will the Sony A7C be the perfect vlogging camera?

The Sony A7C is a small camera with a full frame sensor which should be announced in the coming weeks.

Should creators care about the RTX 30 series?

GPUs play an ever increasingly important role in video and photo editing. Should you upgrade to Nvidia RTX 30?

Reddit vs photographer – Symptom of a bigger problem

A popular photographer recently published a photo of his golden retriever Reddit. That post got quite a bit of attention. What happened next got even more attention.

Olympus cameras are no more – What now for Micro Four Thirds?

Olympus cameras are no more. The company has just announced that the sale of their camera business to Japan Industrial Partners will be concluded come September.

Four reasons I won’t be considering the Sony ZV-1

The Sony ZV-1 came close to being perfect for the job. But the issues are deal-breakers.

The new XPS 15 (2020) is a disappointment

The XPS line used to be exciting and now it seems Dell is just catching up to other manufacturers with a one or two year delay.

Thoughts on the YI 4K+ – What to expect (and what’s still missing)

The YI 4K+ was announced as the successor to the popular YI 4K action camera a couple of months back. So far there hasn’t been much footage taken with the newer version shown yet, except for a few marketing videos, so there’s no judging on how good this action camera will end up being. I’ve … Read more