Current projects

Home Assistant Guide

Home Assistant is open-source software for the modern smart. I’ve always been interested in automating as many parts of my life as possible, even if setting up the automation takes longer than the time I gain back.

On Home Assistant Guide I write about projects, integration, and news surrounding Home Assistant and smart home technology in general.


I started getting interested in video after I felt confident enough with my skills as a photographer and wanted to try something new. Though many processes are similar, I had to learn (and still am) a great deal of new things.

I edit all of my projects in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Currently, I’m focusing on short explainers for my personal blog, reviews, and photography-related news.

Lia & Liam

Lia & Liam is a food and adventure blog my better half and I launched in the autumn of 2016. While I’m in charge of the photography and website she is the star baker in our household.

Lia & Liam currently is only available in German – but we are exploring the idea of translating the website in not too distant future.

GeneratePress Guides

It’s no secret that I love working with the WordPress theme GeneratePress. It’s fast, lightweight, and highly customizable. All the websites listed on this page use GeneratePress.

As I’ve been using GeneratePress for some time I consider myself not an expert but someone with a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to working with this theme.

On GeneratePress Guides I share new, guides, and suggested plugins I use for my websites running WordPress.

Unraid Guides

Unraid Guides is, in my humble opinion, the best operating system for home servers and network-attached storage. I’ve been building my own servers for some time now and have recently been investing a lot of time in to my Unraid build.

Unraid Guides documents what I’ve learnt from working with the Linux-based operating system with the hope of helping other users out.


I’m a passionate landscape photographer.

Past projects

Home Assistant Guide

I’m actually quite proud of this one, and not just because I was financially rewarded. Digitec Galaxus must have what is one of the best marketing strategies: They let customers make the ads for them. What a brilliant idea! I had seen their call for videos and photos and decided to have a go at one. And would you believe it, my video was accepted and has been broadcast on national television!


I shot and edited a video for my friends’ crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit. Watch the video here and listen to their music here.