FlipBelt Zipper 6 months later – A follow-up review

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I use the FlipBelt Zipper on just about every single run. Everything I mentioned in my first video on the FlipBelt Zipper still holds up. It’s comfortable, doesn’t bounce or slide, there’s lots of room for headphones, gels, keys, and my phone and it still has an amazingly slim profile.

Six months later and my FlipBelt Zipper has been with me on the road for many kilometres. There’s no degradation in the material to report so far. So it looks like this thing is made of pretty decent material. I’m happy to report that it hasn’t lost any of its stretchiness and none of the pockets is fraying.

At this point, I don’t think that I’ll ever return to a running belt with a buckle. The FlipBelt Zipper is just too comfortable. There is one thing I would do differently though, were I looking to buy one right now. I wouldn’t go for the Zipper version. I never actually close the zipper and I feel like the standard version would be more accommodating to larger phones such as the one I use.

I still wear the FlipBelt Zipper under my shirt when out running, so the reflective logo is still pretty pointless. As I mentioned in the first video, the material used is very breathable but that does mean your phone will get slightly moist if you, like me, sweat a lot. Mine has managed to survive so far though.

I haven’t bought any of the accessories that go with this belt so I’ve never actually used it to carry any water. Luckily where I live you’re never too far away from a fountain. I will however still take my Camelback on longer runs over the FlipBelt.

So to sum it up, the FlipBelt Zipper is still my favourite running accessory. And that’s all I have to say on the matter.

FlipBelt Zipper

Material: 92% micropoly, 8% lycra

Special feature: Zippered pocket

FlipBelt (original)

Material: Polyester/Lycra fabric

Level Terrain FlipBelt Reflective Edition

Material: 92% micropoly, 8% lycra

Special feature: High visibility

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