YouTube Guides – Being a Newtuber

Being new to YouTube, or a NewTuber as some may call it can be quite overwhelming. Being new to YouTube can be quite overwhelming. To help you along the way I’ve written a few guides from based on my YouTube experience.

These guides include more general tipps, such as how to gain more subscribers, as well as some in-depth tutorials on how to work with video editing tool, specifically Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to make money on YouTube without 1000 subscribers

There are ways of monetising your YouTube channel without being a part of the YouTube partner programme. Let me explain.

Improve your audio in Adobe Premiere Pro in three easy steps

Why spend hours to make something sound perfect when you could spend a few seconds making something sound pretty close to perfect?

Three tips for more YouTube subscribers and views

As a relatively new YouTuber myself, every single view I get is important. Here’s three tips for getting more viewers and subscribers.

Three Easy Tips for More YouTube Subscribers and Views

When you’re just starting out on YouTube getting your videos seen can be a difficult task.

An easy way to start editing quicker in Premiere Pro

Here’s my secret to quicker editing in Premiere Pro: Templates.

7 things for amateur landscape photographers to do during the lockdown

To help you pass the time I’ve put together a little list of ideas.