Three Easy Tips for More YouTube Subscribers and Views

When you’re just starting out on YouTube getting your videos seen can be a difficult task. There’s plenty of dodgy ways to boost your views and subscriber count but in the long-term those kinds of practises will likely hurt your chances of achieving anything on this platform.

At the end of day the quality of your videos will most likely determine whether you make it or not. No amount of tipps, guides, and SEO can make an objectively bad video be a success. Do your videos entertain viewers? Are they educational? Does a viewer not feel like they’ve wasted their time watching them? If none of those questions can be answered with a yes stop reading here and work harder on your videos.

Every view counts

As a relatively new YouTuber myself, every single view I get is important. Every viewer is a potential subscriber. And every subscriber is a potential fan, who’ll stick around and watch every single one of my videos.

Using my three tipps you won’t suddenly get hundreds and thousands of views. There is no magic formula to success. It’s all about getting a few more people to watch your content with a minimal amount of work required.

Build a website

If you write a script for your videos I highly suggest you build a website and convert your scripts into posts. I can do that in about half an hour. To get more views you simply embed your video into that post.

A website is also a great place for a potential fan to get to know you better. Create an about me page and maybe embed a contact form. You’ll never know if that might come in handy.

Why do I recommend this? It’s simple: This gives potential viewers and fans another way of finding you. By having a website you will not only be present on the largest video platform but also on the largest search engine.

You could then extend this into building up a mailing list to which you send out your videos every time you upload a new one. That way you won’t be reliant on the YouTube notifications which appear to frequently fail to work.

Use Reddit to promote your YouTube video

Reddit can be a great way of gaining views on your videos. But beware, Reddit hates self-promotion. There are certain subreddits that’ll appreciate a direct link to your video, one example would be /r/DIY. But more often than not you’ll be hampered by downvotes.

Here’s what I’ve found works: Take for example my video on Notion. There is an unofficial Notion subreddit, to which I am subscribed to. Instead of just posting my video I created a text post in which I described the things I’m talking about in the video. I also added a handful of screenshots and linked my video at the very end.

A handful of people ended up watching that video and I even gained a new subscriber out of it. It’s not much, but as someone just starting out, every bit helps.

Get social

If you’re talking about products in your videos it’s always a good idea to mention them directly in your social media posts. I’ve done that for many of my videos and I’ve generally found that companies will at the very least give your tweets a like.

Some companies will do more than others. I got a lot of views from the official Unraid account who not just liked but retweeted my video and left some replies.

Before mentioning a company or product in a tweet or post make sure you check out their page and just look at the type of content they’re re-sharing. Then simply adjust your content to be similar to what you’ve observed.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

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