The Year of Consolidation: Fewer Projects, Greater Focus

While it’s strictly speaking not the beginning of the year anymore, it’s still early days. I’m not too late! And either way, I make the rules here. I’ve decided that my 2018 will be the Year of Consolidation.

Looking back and looking forward

Note: This article contains affiliate links. Sadly the last couple of days and weeks of this awful year didn’t get any better. As a huge Star Wars fan I was deeply saddened by the passing of Carrie Fisher. Other decisions that were made during this fateful year mean that my UK passport will soon be … Read more

Jack of all trades, master of none

I still don’t think I’ve quite found my area yet. I really love shooting landscapes and nature but that kind of work is very dependable on factors I can’t control (yet?): The weather, the season and the location. For that reason I’m constantly looking for other things to shoot and gain knowledge in a different … Read more