The Best Storage Solution for photos and Videos

Choosing the best storage solution for all of your photos and videos can be a bit of hassle. Over the years, raw files have been getting bigger and bigger. And the same goes for videos. To help you come to a decision, I’ve created a whole series on exactly that subject!

The best way to archive photos and videos

The first video covers the basics: Which is the best way to archive photos and videos? For long-term storage there are a few options available:

  • You could just buy external hard drives, maybe label them, fill them and dump them in a cupboard somewhere.
  • Alternatively you could buy an enclosure that houses multiple hard drives and maybe even secures them against drive failures using some form of RAID. This is then attached to your editing rig using USB or Thunderbolt.
  • As internet speeds keep increasing you might be thinking of some form of cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • The final option that comes to mind is a NAS or Network Attached Storage. These come in many forms and can either be purchased as a pre-built product or you can build your own.

I’ll break down each option and talk about the pros and cons and why I think you should build your NAS (spoiler!).

After learning that a NAS might be the best option for storage, I’ll be talking about my favourite NAS operating system in the next video. This video covers all things Unraid.

Because I practise what I preach, the next video covers my very own personal Unraid system. I’ll be giving you a deep dive into the hardware needed and how I set mine up.

While we’re at it, why not start dreaming and construct a dream build for Unraid?

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