Consider this cheap Loupedeck alternative

What if I told you that there is a cheaper and more customizable alternative to the Loupedeck available. Would you believe me? You’d better believe me because I’m about to tell you how you can convert a simple MIDI controller into a fully functioning Loupedeck alternative.

By using a MIDI controller such as the Behringer X-Touch Mini in combination with the software MIDI2LR you can build your own physical controls for Lightroom Classic. The Behringer X-Touch Mini costs about a quarter of the Loupedeck+ and is just as functional when used in Lightroom Classic. Let me tell you how you can create your own Loupedeck alternative with the X-Touch Mini, MIDI2LR, and Lightroom Classic.

The better Loupedeck alternative?

In my opinion using a MIDI controller remedies some of the issues many have experienced when using a Loupedeck. Thanks to the open nature of MIDI2LR you can customize just about everything. If you never need a certain function in Lightroom Classic you can just leave it out of your configuration.

And as previously mentioned, a MIDI controller will cost you quite a bit less than a Loupedeck. The Behringer X-Touch Mini I use can be bought for around $80 whereas the Loupedeck+ comes in at over $220. Another popular MIDI controller is the Arturia BeatStep which will cost around half of what Loupedeck is charging.

What is MIDI2LR?

Using MIDI2LR you can use just about any MIDI controller to control the functions within Lightroom Classic or the stand-alone Lightroom 6. The application is open-source and can be installed on either macOS or Windows systems. MIDI2LR translates the commands from your MIDI controller into Lightroom Classic actions. You could call it the middleman between the controller and the application.

Installing MIDI2LR will be the first step in building your own Loupedeck alternative. Make sure you download the latest version from the website.

Getting started with the Loupedeck alternative

I will admit that in terms of user-friendliness MIDI2LR can’t quite compete with the Loupedeck. There is a bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it you will realize how much more versatile your Loupedeck alternative is.


The good news is that if you go with a device many others are using, you are likely to find some very detailed guides online. And that’s exactly what I did. I bought the X-Touch Mini because of how popular it is, and used a fantastic guide written by Dan Marker-Moore to get me started. He also has made available his presets which I used as a starting point.

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