This week in review: All human problem solved

Yes, you read that correctly, all of humanity’s problems must be solved. For those not informed: This week the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was held in Las Vegas and there have been some rather interesting products unveiled. One of those being the (drumroll) Hair Coach, a smart hairbrush. Obviously humanity hasn’t got any bigger problems going on and as such, everything must be fine.

All jokes aside, CES is a place for vaporware. But with the many changes we’ve been experiencing in virtual reality, display technologies and drones, there have been quite a few announcements that have caught my eye. Not all news was CES related though! I’ve tried to condense the most interesting announcement and otherwise relevant photography news into this review.

This weeks best photography articles

Knighthood for veteran war photographer Don McCullin on the BBC News website. It’s always nice to see photographers receive the recognition they deserve. That is why I included the story on Don McCullin, now Sir Don McCullin, receiving a knighthood. His career, spanning 60 years, is something i marvel at. For anyone in the unknown about Don McCullin, I can highly recommend the documentary film of his life!

Panasonic Finally Unveils the GH5 with 4K/60p Video and 5-Axis Stabilization on PetaPixel. The GH4 successor has finally arrived! For the first time, journalists have been able to get their hands on this new beast of a camera. As with the GH4, this camera will be very popular with videographers. I’ll be interested to see how good the footage, shot on the GH5, will be, once it’s available for filmmakers.

YI 4K+ Action Camera on the YI Technology website. As my review of the YI Action Camera showed, it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the action cameras produced by YI Technology. One problem I have with them, is their unoriginality. They never seem to be setting any kind of benchmark with their cameras and seem to be just going with the flow. Well that is no more. YI Technology have just announced the YI 4K+ Action Camera, the first action camera that can shoot up to 4K at 60FPS!

Why photography is the best hobby by James on Casual Photophile. An enjoyable weekend read. I’m not going to agree with everything he says, but recommend the write-up nonetheless.

Ricoh releases Ricoh R Developer Kit offers 360-degree live streaming on DPReview. VR news! I love my Theta S and I’m excited to see where 360-degree cameras will go next. This certainly is a step in the right direction, but I’m still waiting for a 4K Theta.

Asus announces the ZenFone 3 Zoom and previously leaked ZenFone AR by Ryan Whitwam on Android Police. The VR/AR announcements didn’t end with the new Theta. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I see great potential for Google’s Project Tango. Asus has just announced a new smartphone with Project Tango technology baked in and I’m hoping this is just the first of many!

Wacom’s new Intuos Pros bring its powerful stylus to pen tablets by Billy Steele on Engadget. I love my Wacom tablet and use it almost daily. Honestly, I don’t see any issues with the one I’ve got, so unless it breaks I do not see the need to get a new one, but I’m happy to see the market for these tablets still excists.

DJI may have quietly bought (most of) Hasselblad by Daniel Cooper on Engadget. This one came out of nowhere and turned a lot of heads. It appears that DJI has bought up most Hasselblad during the last week. I don’t think this buyout (if it happened) will have a big effect on either company in the next couple of years. DJI have produced some amazing and tiny cameras for their drones and I just can’t see where Hasselblad might fit in. Time will tell I guess.

This weeks best photography videos

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