This week in review: Avoid railways

Another week with some tragic news. Though this time concerning an actual human life. I’ve read the headline too many times, it’s time for people to stop taking shots on railways. In better news, it’s been a great week for DJI and their products. Personal news A new edit with my Phantom 4 Pro is … Read more

This week in review: Nothing is forever

This week we had to say our goodbyes to a photographer’s favourite: The Azure Window. Also in the news, Adobe have updated Lightroom Mobile with some interesting new features and a photographer taking amazing landscapes. This weeks best photography articles Lr Mobile Update: Raw HDR capture mode for iOS and Android by Josh Haftel on … Read more

This week in review: Drones!

This weeks best photography articles The Take Everywhere Camera Bag by Thorin Klosowski on Lifehacker. I’ve always been a big fan of “what’s in my bag” type of articles. I’m also a frequent reader of Lifehacker, so when I saw this story, I knew I had to include it in my weekly review. You won’t … Read more

This week in review: MWC is approaching

MWC has only just started and as such it looks as if the news is waiting to happen. I’ll be covering the most eye-catching announcements next week but this week hasn’t been left empty either! Personal news I’ve finally managed to upload not just one, but two pieces of original content. The first article is … Read more

This week in review: Something for the weekend

The scarcity of news following the CES is still going on, but I still managed to find some excellent long-reads in this week’s ‘week in review’. Perhaps bookmark this one for the weekend? Going forward, I will also include a bit of personal news at the beginning of each article. Personal news I’ve been pretty … Read more

This week in review: Post-CES hangover

The CES has finished and gone with it, it appears, have all photography related news. I’ve tried my best but could hardly find anything to put into this review. Personal news I’ve previously mentioned that I am a Street View Trusted photographer and as such, I’ve opened a dedicated project page with some samples of … Read more

This week in review: All human problem solved

Yes, you read that correctly, all of humanity’s problems must be solved. For those not informed: This week the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was held in Las Vegas and there have been some rather interesting products unveiled. One of those being the (drumroll) Hair Coach, a smart hairbrush. Obviously humanity hasn’t got any bigger problems … Read more