This week in review: Drones!

This weeks best photography articles

The Take Everywhere Camera Bag by Thorin Klosowski on Lifehacker. I’ve always been a big fan of “what’s in my bag” type of articles. I’m also a frequent reader of Lifehacker, so when I saw this story, I knew I had to include it in my weekly review. You won’t be learning anything new in this article but it’s always nice to know how other photographers work.

SkyPixel Photo Contest. Strictly speaking not an article but I couldn’t leave this one out! The winners of the SkyPixel Photo Contest (by DJI) are out and the shots are gorgeous. As a new drone owner I can only marvel at these shots. Now I just have to make sure my name will be up there one day.

Assassination Photo Named World Press Photo of the Year by DL Cade on PetaPixel. And he deserves it. I think the photograph in question doesn’t need any further explanation, as just about everybody will have seen it by now.

The Uncertain Future of Photojournalism by James Estrin on the New York Times. I’m personally not really interested in photojournalism myself (as can be seen in my portfolio). However there is always talk about whether professional photographers still have a future and this article very much centers on that subject.

Canon announces three new cameras and none of them shoot 4K video by Sean O’Kane on The Verge. This article just proves once again that photography needs a disruptive new player like Samsung wanted to be to make changes. The NX1 had it all, it was way ahead of its time. How Canon can still announce and sell cameras without 4K video is a mystery to me.

This weeks best photography videos

Millionaire YouTube SELLOUT by CaseyNeistat: I’ve never shared any of Casey Neistat’s work on this site before despite me actually really liking him. I always get annoyed at people calling youtubers sellouts and agree full-heartedly with this videos message.

Minsk 2016. DroneLapse zweizwei. Just watch it and be amazed.

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