This week in review: Post-CES hangover

The CES has finished and gone with it, it appears, have all photography related news. I’ve tried my best but could hardly find anything to put into this review.

Personal news

I’ve previously mentioned that I am a Street View Trusted photographer and as such, I’ve opened a dedicated project page with some samples of my work. I’m still not quite sure on how to take that project further, so hit me up if you know of anything!

I’ve also been very active on my microstock agencies this past week. This consisted of keywording and uploading old photos, as well as shooting specifically for stock. Take a look at my sales page to get an idea of what I’m talking about!

This weeks best photography articles

The Adventure Comes to an End on the Lily Blog. Another big crowdfunded project has died, what a surprise! I don’t want to be to hard on Lily because I don’t think they intentionally wanted to hurt anybody, but I am losing my trust in crowdfunded projects. I’ve read many stories like this one and I for one am happy that I’ve not participated in any crowdfunded projects so far.

Lighting 103: Introduction by the Strobist. Technically not news, but it was just released (and I couldn’t find anything to write about). Every photographer should read the Strobists guides. Even if you’re not into flash-photography, they will teach you a lot about light. After his successful Lighting 101 and Lighting 102, he’s finally released the first part of Lighting 103.

Harvard Release Entire Photography Course Online – with Retouching Lessons Too! by Jack Alexander on Fstoppers. There was something similar floating around the web about a year ago, and I did at the time have a look at it. I enjoyed that course (and the price) so I think this one might be worth a look too.

Spy In The Wild on the BBC. So it turns out that the BBC is planning to replace photographers with stuffed, animatronic animals. I like the idea and creativity of this one and the embedded videos sure look fun!

This weeks best photography videos

Lumix GH5 – ISO 200 to 12800 Test – SEES IN THE DARK SHOCK! by Nick Driftwood. The first samples of the GH5 are rolling in and they look promising! This video shows a low-light test at high ISO.

3 Styling Tips to Make Your Instagram Photos Not Suck by Mango Street. A short video giving tips on how to take better Instagram photos.

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