This week in review: Something for the weekend

The scarcity of news following the CES is still going on, but I still managed to find some excellent long-reads in this week’s ‘week in review’. Perhaps bookmark this one for the weekend? Going forward, I will also include a bit of personal news at the beginning of each article.

Personal news

I’ve been pretty busy selling loads of my tat on ebay and the likes. I’ve crowned this year the “year of less”. I want to get rid of things I don’t use anymore and it’s been taking up a lot of my time recently. I did have time to slip in a short hike up a local mountain to do some photography (more on that soon!) last Friday. Oh, and I’ve just past 550 photos on Shutterstock!

I’ve also been planning on where to take my website and portfolio next. I’m full of ideas and some of them will be implemented very soon!

This weeks best photography articles

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Android apps are coming to Chromebooks by Billy Steele on Engadget. First up: Big news! Well, kind of. The “Creative Cloud” is coming to Chromebooks. I put that in quotes because it’s not actually the Creative Cloud we all love to hate. What Adobe is doing, is adapting their existing Android apps to run better on Chromebooks. Sadly your next (cheap) Chromebook will not be able to replace your existing Windows or Apple machine. It’s a good move in my opinion and I hope it means that the Andriod apps will be continually getting better as time goes on.

Internet Addiction is Killing Your Photography by A. B. Watson on PetaPixel. A very well thought out article and a great read! I highly recommend this even if it isn’t an addiction to the internet that is troubling you. Just replace the words “internet addiction” with your own personal demon.

5 Immense Time Saving Tips for Adobe Lightroom Users by Jason Row on Light Stalking. Don’t we all wish we could be more efficient at editing in Lightroom. I certainly do, but sadly already apply what is being said in this article.

Photographer Turns LEGO Bricks Into Foods and Things by Michael Zhang on PetaPixel. How I wish I could come up with a creative project like this one. So simple yet genius. The resulting photos are great and well worth a look.

This weeks best photography videos

3 Mistakes All Beginner Photographers Make by Mango Street. I love short educational videos like this one.

How to Refine and Cull Images in Lightroom by Photoshop Tutorials by PHLEARN. Something I wish I was a lot better at: Culling photos in Lightroom. This video gives some useful advice.

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