This week in review: MWC is approaching

MWC has only just started and as such it looks as if the news is waiting to happen. I’ll be covering the most eye-catching announcements next week but this week hasn’t been left empty either!

Personal news

I’ve finally managed to upload not just one, but two pieces of original content. The first article is a quick rundown of my thoughts on HDR photography. I’ve only recently started using HDR and my thoughts on it are detailed in that post. The second article I published was the first microstock earnings report. I’d promised to release the numbers and though I might be late, I finally delivered. A break in the awful weather also gave me the opportunity to take my Phantom 4 Pro out and shoot some video but I’ve not been able to edit it yet, but I’m hoping to upload something new to my channel sooner rather than later.

This weeks best photography articles

Instagram Now Lets You Share Up to 10 Photos in a Single Post by DL Cade on PetaPixel. Another update bringing changes to the Instagram app. I don’t yet know how exactly this feature will be used but Facebook does seem intent on always bundling in new features into their app.

Snapchat Spectacles are Finally Available to Buy Online by DL Cade on PetaPixel. Not for me but I’m not everyone. The Spectacles (or Snaptacles?) have been hyped for ages with people spending ludicrous amounts of money on Ebay to acquire the. No more! Snap has officially launched them to the public.

Sony release the SF-G series SD cards with 300MB/s read speeds on TECH_root. That’s just crazy fast. I’m pleased to see that SD cards are still making advances. The format is long not dead (despite some potential successors already surfacing) and deserves to be continually updated.

Huawei announces Honor VR 360-degree camera by Lars Rehm on DPReview. I’ve still got a thing for 360-degree cameras so this announcement pleased me. Sadly though it looks as if this camera will only be compatible with Huawei phones. Still, the more the merrier!

This weeks best photography videos

I’m going to recommend two videos this week. The first is a look at how the BBC made Planet Earth II look as good as it did and the second is an interesting look at the two most used colours in film: Teal and orange.

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